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Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease affecting the front surface of the eye.  Over time, the cornea gradually thins.  What once was a smooth, domed surface becomes pointed, bulged, and misshapen. No matter what glasses or standard contacts are used, the underlying bumpy surface causes glare, blur, and poor quality vision. 

The only way to bend light evenly is to create an artificially smooth surface for the eye. 

Dr. Yang is experienced at designing custom, medically-necessary contacts for irregular corneas with scleral or hybrid contacts.



We automatically check each year.

In the early stages, it is hard to identify keratoconus based solely off symptoms.  Who hasn't experienced dryness, glare, and blurred vision before?  Therefore, we screen for keratoconus each year at your annual exam with corneal topography, the most accurate way to detect this problem.  Topography is usually an additional test, but it is included as a part of every comprehensive eye exam in our clinic.