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Annual Wellness Exam

The foundation of eyecare is a thorough, non-rushed annual wellness exam. Our doctors check your eye's health, measure how well you see, and tweak any glasses prescriptions so your sight is more vivid.  It is important to perform this general physical for your eye each year, even if your glasses or contacts are working well.  You may not sense visual changes in early stage ocular disease, so rather than assuming all is well, our doctors will check and give you peace of mind.  Should a problem exist, we will help you fix it. 

Additional Ala Carte Services (in addition to your Annual)


1. Optomap Retinal Scan
We want you to have an option to go beyond the standard-of-care and be reassured by excellent, objective technology -- especially as there are no side effects.  Each year, we will ask all our patients to take an optomap retinal scan.  The retina is the wallpaper lining the back of the eye. It captures and translates light into vision signals.  Happy retinas generate better vision!  Our optomap camera snaps a retinal picture in seconds, without dilation drops and without creating blurry vision.  The resulting ultra-detail, panoramic image empowers our doctors to find problems earlier, when they are easier to fix.

2. Contact Lens Fitting
Contact lens prescriptions expire once a year.  To purchase and use more contacts, we need to perform a contact lens fitting in addition to your annual exam.  Depending on the conditions of your eye, the fitting may be simple or complicated.  Our doctors will discuss your unique needs and navigate you through the ever-changing and fast-paced world of contacts.  Our goal is to reduce your risk (that contact is a foreign object in your eyes!) while you enjoy the fun and freedom of contacts lifestyle.

Please bring the following to your annual exam:
  1. Most frequently used 1-2 pair of glasses
  2. Most current contact lens label or prescription
  3. List of current medication and supplements
  4. Medical insurance card