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She was my doctor at golden vision optometry and I can always trust her for any eyes related question. Some doctor make my prescription too strong in the past, and Dr Yang took the time to troubleshoot and let me test out one that is comfortable for me in glasses and contacts. Since then, she is the only doctor that I trust for any eyes related problem. This is the first time I get to this new place, and it is great! I will refer my friends and family members to this place. Thanks, Dr Yang!

jing m.

I visited this place last week 3/28. I've seen Dr. Yang for several years at her previous practice. I got info that she moved to Cupertino Optometry, so I followed to her new place to get additional contact lens and check my dry eyes.

My eyes have serious problems, bad eyesights and dryness. This made it challenging to get correct prescription and contact lens, eventually I had to try three or four other places without success before I met Dr. Yang. I was pleasantly surprised that I could find the whole package -- a competent, not money grabbing but patient eye doctor in bay area!
Antiganee H.

Both of our daughters have been Dr. Yang's patients for past 2 years for their Ortho K treatment. Dr. Yang is great at what she does! She is incredibly dedicated to the best care and outcome possible for her patients. Furthermore, she is kind, compassionate and just has wonderful connection with her patients. We were so happy to hear that she is starting her own business and feel extremely fortunate that she can take our our daughters into her new clinic. Congratulations, Dr. Yang and Thank you for everything you do!
Zhongshu Y.

Dr. Sharon Yang is one of the best optometrists I personally ever met. My whole family had been doing eye exam with her for the past couple years. Dr. Yang recently took over this place at the begging of 2019, which she is the new owner of Cupertino Optometry.
For me personally, I am Dr. Yang's Ortho-K patient and I recently decide to follow her to her new clinic that she opened by her own. Since every time when we have a follow-tp that she went through everything as detail as possible as well as reminding me to get the amount of sleep I need. Not simply for the best performance of Ortho-K, but also for my health as well as my mental health.
Dr. Yang is a really professional optimist as she went through everything throughly in a professional manner, and try to explain to us in understandable way as well as answer all questions patiently. Dr. Yang is a doctor that actually cares about her patient, as she makes sure the product you are getting are essential for you, and she also do a follow-up call to make sure everything is good. Unlike some other places that all they do is trying to sell you the product even though you don't even need it. Couple weeks ago I had a minor hordeolum/ stye eye that I called her that I want to have a visit to her clinic, she told me that I can try to have hot pack on my eyes as well as having lighter diet. After couple days, she called me for the follow-up about my stye eye and I told her everything is all good now. I totally recommend her, she is a very friendly optimist and really cares all her patient.

PS: She can speak both mandarin and English fluently and explain situation to patient professionally in both languages.

Kimberly L.

Dr Sharon Yang is the OD you want if you are very serious about the health of your eyes. My family had been seeing Dr Yang for several years, and every time satisfied. Dr Yang is very patient and knowledgable when comes to answering any concerns I had (while other OD might just do the routine check up and let you go so that they can move on to the next patient).


I visited Dr. Yang on 8/19/2019 for my first ever eye checkup, and the experience was fantastic, to say the least. I had never done an eye exam before and was particularly nervous, especially with the eye pressure test which involves something touching my eyeball, but Dr. Yang was extremely patient and comforting. She allowed me all the time in the world to calm my nerves, use the restroom a dozen times, dab my eyes with unlimited tissue because they were watering so much, and only proceed with each test when I felt completely comfortable. She was very gentle with the process and extremely understanding that I was uncomfortable doing it for the first time. She used soothing eye drops to treat my dry eyes plus a numbing gel so I didn't feel a thing for the pressure test. She also patiently explained the results to me and showed me pictures of unhealthy eyes vs. healthy eyes so I would understand my results better. I'm glad my results were positive!

The clinic is large, airy and has a fantastic selection of frames. I would definitely come here again for my next checkup.

Jason G.

Surprised, Dr Yang is native Mandarin speaker and we communicated very well. She prescribed ortho K night time contacts for my kids since they had big changes to their nearsighted prescriptions. She went above and beyond when she personally trained them and even came in on her off days to train them. I really appreciate her dedication to her work and feels my kids are well taken cared of.. We are very happy with the results.

Sg Y.

I would highly recommend coming to Dr. Yang for your eye needs! I hadn't gotten an eye exam for far too long (many years), so Dr. Yang took the time to explain everything very thoroughly to me. I work in front of computers for long periods of time and she had me try out some lenses that helped reduce some of the strain from sitting in front of the computer, and I immediately noticed a difference.

I also have had a lot of sun exposure in my life, and she identified a pterygium in my right eye, basically a type of growth from too much sun. She walked me through how to better protect my eyes from sun damage so that the pterygium doesn't get worse.

Overall it was a very professional experience and I was really happy with her attention to detail, so I'd highly recommend!

Aaron R.

I visited Dr Yang on 6/19/2019. She is one of the best doctors I have met so far. She is very professional and confident on her work. Her place is clear and feel warm welcomed. The other girl is very nice and took me and went over all the pre-exams. The equipments are advanced and clean. Dr Yang and her staff are very patient to answer my questions since it is my first time for the eye exam, I have hundreds of questions, and they answered all of them. Additionally, Dr Yang demonstrated all the potential eye diseases for me using Google images, and explained how likely I will get these diseases in the future.
They also showed me various of glass style which is very nice.

Haifeng C.

Finally picked up my glasses over the weekend and I can finally see without a headache! I had eye exam here in mid May after not getting my eyes checked for more than 2 years. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Yang who was patient and took her time with me in allowing me to try my prescription. She had me wear a temporary build pair of glasses and walk around to make sure I didn't feel dizzy with the prescription and tweaked it from there.
I also elected to do the photo of the back of the eye after Dr Yang mentioned health conditions can affect the health of the eye.She was very thorough in explaining the picture and I learned a lot !
I definitely will bring the rest of my family here for all our eye care needs.
Suli H.

I really recommend this optometry after seeing different places! Dr. Sharon is very nice and helpful. I do crt fitting there, Sharon patiently answers every question I have and when I found the new lens is not a good fit, she reordered it for me! And other staffs there are also very kind! I really appreciate their help!
Huijuan H.

Dr Sharon Yang is the OD you want if you are very serious about the health of your eyes. My family had been seeing Dr Yang for several years, and every time satisfied. Dr Yang is very patient and knowledgable when comes to answering any concerns I had (while other OD might just do the routine check up and let you go so that they can move on to the next patient).
Sunni H.

Took my husband for his eye exam since he hasn't had one since 2012. We met Dr. Yang and she was one of the best optometrists we have met. She is very professional, caring, and detail-oriented. She made the whole process stress free for my husband and provided very good information regarding his eye health. I highly recommend her and will continue the service there. The other staffs are also very friendly and organized.
Tiffany C.

Dr. Yang and her office is the best of the best. The staff is warm and welcoming and the office accepts all walk-ins! I have two kids who are hopelessly near-sighted like me and I came to this office based on friends' recommendations. Both my kids have been successfully treated with ortho k lenses and now can see great without glasses, thanks to Dr. Yang! I also have the peace of mind knowing that their prescription will be stable. She is personable and responsible and absolutely great with kids. I would refer everyone I know to come here for all their eye care needs. This office deserves more than five stars.
Mark C.

I got my Ortho-K lenses here under the help from Dr Yang. She is very kind and helpful and also professional. She could speak a fluent Mandarin which makes the whole process of treatment easier and more pleasant. She always answered my question patiently and didn't hesitate to help me reorder the lenses until we found the ones that fit my eyes best.

The stuffs in the front desk are also nice and always have a warm smile whenever I talked to them. I love this place! Would definitely recommend anyone who want to get a pair of CRT or OrthoK lenses. And Dr Yang is a great Doctor that you can rely on.

Angie H.

5-Star Service!! I was lucky to meet Dr.Yang, the new owner of Cupertino Optometry. She was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and patient. Her office is clean and open, and the staff provided best level of service. They explained all the steps and tech patiently, and I couldn't have expected such a great experience.

Dr.Yang is an excellent optometrist. I appreciate her attention to details regarding our eye health. Highly recommend!!
Nancy L.