She was my doctor at golden vision optometry and I can always trust her for any eyes related question. Some doctor make my prescription too strong in the past, and Dr Yang took the time to troubleshoot and let me test out one that is comfortable for me in glasses and contacts. Since then, she is the only doctor that I trust for any eyes related problem. This is the first time I get to this new place, and it is great! I will refer my friends and family members to this place. Thanks, Dr Yang!

jing m.

I visited this place last week 3/28. I've seen Dr. Yang for several years at her previous practice. I got info that she moved to Cupertino Optometry, so I followed to her new place to get additional contact lens and check my dry eyes.

My eyes have serious problems, bad eyesights and dryness. This made it challenging to get correct prescription and contact lens, eventually I had to try three or four other places without success before I met Dr. Yang. I was pleasantly surprised that I could find the whole package -- a competent, not money grabbing but patient eye doctor in bay area!

Antiganee H.

Both of our daughters have been Dr. Yang's patients for past 2 years for their Ortho K treatment. Dr. Yang is great at what she does! She is incredibly dedicated to the best care and outcome possible for her patients. Furthermore, she is kind, compassionate and just has wonderful connection with her patients. We were so happy to hear that she is starting her own business and feel extremely fortunate that she can take our our daughters into her new clinic. Congratulations, Dr. Yang and Thank you for everything you do!

Zhongshu Y.

Dr. Sharon Yang is one of the best optometrists I personally ever met. My whole family had been doing eye exam with her for the past couple years. Dr. Yang recently took over this place at the begging of 2019, which she is the new owner of Cupertino Optometry.
For me personally, I am Dr. Yang's Ortho-K patient and I recently decide to follow her to her new clinic that she opened by her own. Since every time when we have a follow-tp that she went through everything as detail as possible as well as reminding me to get the amount of sleep I need. Not simply for the best performance of Ortho-K, but also for my health as well as my mental health.
Dr. Yang is a really professional optimist as she went through everything throughly in a professional manner, and try to explain to us in understandable way as well as answer all questions patiently. Dr. Yang is a doctor that actually cares about her patient, as she makes sure the product you are getting are essential for you, and she also do a follow-up call to make sure everything is good. Unlike some other places that all they do is trying to sell you the product even though you don't even need it. Couple weeks ago I had a minor hordeolum/ stye eye that I called her that I want to have a visit to her clinic, she told me that I can try to have hot pack on my eyes as well as having lighter diet. After couple days, she called me for the follow-up about my stye eye and I told her everything is all good now. I totally recommend her, she is a very friendly optimist and really cares all her patient.

PS: She can speak both mandarin and English fluently and explain situation to patient professionally in both languages.

Kimberly L.

Dr Sharon Yang is the OD you want if you are very serious about the health of your eyes. My family had been seeing Dr Yang for several years, and every time satisfied. Dr Yang is very patient and knowledgable when comes to answering any concerns I had (while other OD might just do the routine check up and let you go so that they can move on to the next patient).


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