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What makes it into our Optical

Each year, Dr. Yang & staff attend international trade shows that feature entire convention centers filled with different frame lines.  There are thousands of frame companies, each with thousands of frames.  No optical can stock or carry everything.  

We carefully screen what is featured in our optical. Here is some of the criteria for what makes the cut: 

  • We look for structural excellence.  The frame's basic function is to protect your lenses while withstanding the rough treatment of frequent wear.  We work with companies that use outstanding quality metals and zyls (plastics).  A poor quality zyl would be difficult to adjust and quickly bends out of shape.  Poor quality metals are brittle, break easily at pressure points, and do not retain color. 
  • We choose interesting shapes & designs from traditional to fun to outrageous.  Your frame is part of the face you present to the world.  We stock a diverse range so you can find something that suits your desires.
  • We work with reliable companies so in turn, we offer and honor an excellent warranty to our patients. 
  • We dislike back-orders and waiting, so we work with companies that have a large inventory. 

Would you like to donate your old glasses to a good cause?

Please donate your old glasses to your local Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center:

Lions Club Eyeglass Donation


What frames look good on you?

A good frame, made with precision craftsmanship, lasts a long time and protects your ophthalmic lenses.  An excellent frame does that while enhancing your appearance.  To find that perfect balance can be overwhelming. Our opticians attend training throughout the year so they can guide you towards what's functional and fashionable.  Here are few general guidelines:

  • For wrappy frames, try to match the natural curvature of your forehead.
  • Glasses will keep sliding down if:
    • The bridge is too wide.
    • The earpiece is too short.
  • Try to keep your eyes centered in the lenses.
  • If using a bifocal or progressive, choose a frame with more room in the reading area.  You will have more lens to look through while reading, and it will be more comfortable.
  •  Try to contrast with your natural face shape.  A round frame on a round face will make everything look round.  To reduce a dramatic square jawline, pick frames with a lower half that curves like a smile.

Lens Options:

Like with frames, there are just so many lens options! During your exam and frame select, our doctors and opticians will help pinpoint what are the necessities and what are cosmetic additions.  We want you to make an informed choice, keeping in mind your lifestyle and ocular needs.