Dr. Sharon Yang's Letter

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Dear Patients,

 It is a great honor to take over from Dr. Chang. I am excited to keep up the tradition of delivering great eye care to the patients at Cupertino Optometry. I welcome new and old patients to our clinic, and I promise to take the same time and care that's essential for taking care of each person's unique eye needs!

Walking into Cupertino Optometry, I knew this would be the right fit for me. I want my patients to feel welcomed and comfortable the very instance they step in. Visiting at the doctor’s office can be nerve wracking or feel rushed, but at Cupertino Optometry, it is a friendly, laid-back, and comfortable haven for patients and for myself. Ample time is a key ingredient for patients to feel heard and for doctors to practice at their best. I hope everyone stepping out of the clinic will be smiling in their clear and comfortable vision and looking forward to returning with friends and family.

I went to Cupertino's Miller Middle School & Lynbrook High School before spending the next 8 years at UC-Berkeley, for both undergrad & optometry schools. I came back to Cupertino to practice for 4 years before taking ship of Cupertino Optometry. To be able to serve the community that I grew up in is the best feeling. I connect with the children in this area because I lived the through the rigor & visually demanding school environment here. As locals, we understand the statistic that nearsightedness is occurring earlier and at faster speeds; we have witnessed this happening to our children. As an optometrist, I am hugely motivated to change that stat. Therapeutic myopia control, through custom contacts (day or night-time wear) and with prescribed medication is a passion of mine. I have successfully treated children with greater than -8.00D myopia and greater than -2.50D astigmatism, both parameters that best the usual limits of traditional orthokeratology/dream/night CRT lenses. I also enjoy fitting patients with challenging prescriptions into specialty contact lenses such as scleral and hybrid lenses. I have successfully fit high prescriptions greater than -10.00D for near-sightedness and astigmatism, patients with very different prescriptions between their 2 eyes, and patients with irregular corneas due to keratoconus, a corneal disease.

I also have interest in ocular disease management of the evaluating and managing for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts as well as treating red eye ocular emergencies. If one day you don’t want glasses or contacts anymore, I will be here to guide you for Lasik consultation offering information on the newest in laser technology such as SMILE surgery. I also understand very well the plagues of computer vision syndrome and dry eyes that leads to much discomfort for the duration of the work day. I enjoy working patiently with you to come up with more comfortable solutions to alleviate those symptoms.

Sight can be stylish as I hope to add to the optical with newer lines for prescription sunglasses and clear ophthalmic glasses. In the next few months, please visit and see if the following brands make an appearance in our boutique optical: Lindberg, Tom Ford, Dior, Oliver Peoples and Rayban.

An Eye exam doesn’t have to be all about eyes and glasses. I’m looking forward to forming new friendships bonding over the latest foodie haunts, tasty recipe, the next IT travel destination, favorite hiking spots, the new cool tech gadget on the market or the next fashion trend!  I can’t wait to meet all of you and take care of your eyes!


~Dr. Sharon Yang